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Can it really be November again? Where did you go, 2014? In a few weeks time I'll be another year older (25, eek) and a few more weeks after that it'll be that most wonderful time of the year again. There aren't many things I'm really lusting after right now, but if you're twisting my arm, Santa, I'd be pretty pleased to see any of the above under my tree...

What's on your wishlist this year? 

LOVING everything in this current collection from KowTow - I probably won't buy anything (not sure they ship to UK, anyway) but it provides major wardrobe inspirations all the same. I'm really into these slouchy/loose 'contemporary kimono' shapes. Also, the crazy red polka dot pattern against black and white stripes? It so works!

I kinda feel like Everlane exists mainly to taunt me; my perfect wardrobe, manufactured responsibly and transparently, and available at a fair (and attainable) price - but I can't get my hands on it. The day they start shipping to the UK will be a high point in my life (and also the day I go bankrupt).
I recently went on a whirlwind business trip which involved an insane schedule, several very late nights, a line up of poky conference rooms, and endless train journeys (you know the drill). By the time I got back I was exhausted and - after surviving on carby baked goods, crisps and cheese sandwiches for three days - malnourished. Being mainly vegetarian and a lover of raw food, I find it pretty depressing having to choose my sustenance from the sort of establishments common to stations and cheap hotels; even when there is fresh food, some form of cheese/pasta arrangement is often the only veggie offering. 

A few weeks ago, I was invited to visit the new ÜGOT café in Newcastle's Central Station, so Laura and I popped in one Friday afternoon. It was packed (good sign) so we dashed around and took a bunch of stuff back to our office for lunch... and WHAT a lunch, oh boy! ÜGOT sells my type of grub: fresh vegetables, BIG salads, interesting vegetarian and vegan options, fresh juice and smoothies, great coffee, fresh fruit, and nice but not-so-naughtly treats like chocolate and cinnamon nuts, dried fruit mixes and frozen yoghurt. Their offerings are seasonally directed, with an ever-changing menu that means that there's often something new to try.

Despite the fact that Laura and I have quite different tastes, we both found a ton of things we liked at ÜGOT; a real testament to the variety on offer. To give a brief sense of what the menu is like, I had: a kale and falafel wrap, a banana and maple smoothie and tropical frozen yoghurt. Laura had: a chicken noodle pot and raspberry frozen yoghurt. We also shared some cinnamon almonds (although I gobbled most of them, sorry Laura!). Everything was insanely yummy, but the froyo was particularly amazing.

Healthy, interesting, nutritious, FRESH food from a station? Hallelujah! This is what I was craving on aforementioned business trip (and everyday, now I think about it). Have you been to ÜGOT yet? Please post menu recs below!

I can't wait for my next visit to ÜGOT - I'm particularly looking forward to tasting the new peanut butter hot chocolate :-)

Many thanks to the team at ÜGOT for inviting me to try their new menu. More info: visit, follow ÜGOT on Twitter and Instagram, and like ÜGOT on Facebook

I know this collection has been kicking about for a while now but finally - now the breeze is cold and there's frost on the ground in the mornings and PSLs are back in Starbucks - I'm fully ready to appreciate it. I need grey, everything grey, in every woolly texture known to man. Man, those layers, those fringes, those popped collars! 

Jeans are my go-to item of clothing literally every single day. I wear them to work (thank you, creative industry, for making that possible), I wear them at the weekends and I even wear them to fancy dinners and on evenings out. In terms of cost-per-wear, I definitely get more value out of my jeans than from any other item that has ever graced my closet rail.

Despite loving jeans an awful lot, I find shopping for them difficult. I favour online shopping rather than 'real life' shopping, but not being able to try jeans on can be a big problem. That being said, jeans are one of the most frustrating things to try on in a cramped fitting room (especially if they're skinny, and require wiggling to put on and take off). I have quite a specific set of criteria when it comes to judging an acceptable pair:

  • Darkish denim, but not a 'flat' colour - I like some whispering and natural looking wear
  • Slim-legged but not ultra skinny
  • Mid to high waisted - needs to cover my love handles 
  • Must have some stretch, as I'll often be sitting in them all day and they need to be comfortable
  • I prefer the 'natural' coloured stitching (the slightly orangey coloured stuff) to the stitching that blends in with the denim colour

Whenever I'm in the market for new jeans I usually go through 10 or 20 pairs in various fitting rooms and online orders before finding some that are just right. I was slightly sceptical, then, when I got an email from JQ's PR people a couple of months ago, asking if I'd like to try some of theirs. Because: A) I'm so fussy about the style of jeans and B) I've never tried the brand before and wasn't sure what size I'd be, so I was really worried they wouldn't fit. But I'm not one to pass up the opportunity to try something new, so a month later, my chosen pair arrived from Italy. 

I'm well aware that this is going to sound like a gushy I-love-getting-free-blogger-stuff review, but bear with me, okay? The short version is: I bloody love these jeans. The slightly longer version is: I bloody love these jeans so much that they have not been off my backside since they arrived, because they're beautiful and they fit like a dream. Details? Okay: The waist is snug (but not tight) to my natural waistline, with none of that annoying gape at the back. The material is durable but also soft and flexible, with just the right amount of stretch. The style is the ideal slim leg jean; not too skinny, not too baggy. They're really comfortable, and they look equally as nice with sneakers and a sweater as they do with a shirt and pumps. Pretty darn perfect then, if you ask me.

And the most important question? Yep, they make my butt look awesome. 

Notes: These jeans are very true to size in my opinion, the size 10 is ideal for me. I'm 5 ft 4 and they're a great length - just grazing the ground, without a turn-up. Big thanks to the folks at JQ Jeans and Fabric PR for inviting me to review.

A few things I've been lusting after recently (loving those neutrals, as usual). I'm pleased to have said hello to Autumn; it's arrived in full force these past few weeks, with chilly breezes, golden leaves and too many pumpkin spice lattes... 

I may finally splurge on the Acne Canada scarf after many years of admiring from afar - although spending over £100 on a scarf still sounds faintly ridiculous. What's on your Autumn wishlist? 

Margaret Howell: what a babe. I've been hoicked right out of that fashion funk and plunged into new season bliss by way of burgundy corduroy and charcoal woolens. See that grey blazer top right? I have one just like that (a £20 ebay bargain, originally from Toast) and now I can't wait to dig it out. That's why I love you, MH. I say it every single year but my god, it's true; you make me fall in love with the clothes I already own, all over again. That's true talent (and kind on my bank balance).

Also, I am 100% on board with the inclusion of pyjamas in every collection ever. 

Do you go swimming? Bob and I recently joined a leisure club in Newcastle, and we've been meeting there after work to go swimming together. It's become one of my favorite times of day; the pool we go to is often completely empty, and there's a jacuzzi to relax in after our swim. It's somewhere between exercise and meditation, and it's great to spend some time together as a couple (time that's not spent in front of the TV or eating, although I enjoy both of those things), decompressing after daily office madness. Swimming is gentle and soothing for aching joints and bad backs (paramount for people who work at desks all day like we do) and toning for muscles. I enjoy having a short run on the treadmill first, and using the swim as a cool-down. I've been reading up on the various health benefits which apparently include reduced stress levels, better sleeping patterns and increased self-esteem. 

There's really nothing better - especially during these early autumn days - than getting out of the pool, throwing on an oversized cashmere jumper, swirling damp hair into a messy bun, and retreating home for a late supper (and on Fridays, a cheeky glass - or two - of red wine). Heaven. 

“writing about a writer's block is better than not writing at all” - Charles Bukowski

Greetings all. For those of you who still read this (thank you, lovely people), you may have noticed that I've been quite quiet recently. 

I set up this blog because I wanted to write things for a living, and now I do. It's really quite wonderful, but a side effect of that is me finding it difficult to write recreationally. I can muster the enthusiasm but actually doing it is another issue. I've been suffering from personal writer's block for what feels like the entirety of 2014. I keep starting to write but can't seem to finish anything. When I do finish something, I don't like it, so I don't share it. It's infuriating and it makes me so sad.

I don't really know what I'm getting at here, I just thought it was time to check in. Thank you for following my ramblings - hopefully this won't last forever.