collection I'm coveting: M.Patmos Fall & Pre-Fall 2015

 M.Patmos Fall 2015 & Pre-Fall 2015

I love how these collections integrate Summer's blue gingham and breton stripes into cosy Autumnal layering - perfect for those who are not quite ready for The Great Wardrobe Switchover. 

my favourite sustainable & minimalist fashion vloggers

A couple of people have recently asked me to share my favourite sustainable and minimalist fashion vloggers - so, here they are! If you've got any other recommendations, please leave them in the comments below. I'm always on the lookout for new channels to subscribe to :)

My Green Closet
Verena is one of the most well-researched, eloquent vloggers I've ever come across. Her videos are really informative and she's a great spokesperson for the ethical fashion movement. I've been introduced to some really great sustainable brands through her channel.

Light by Coco
Coco is probably the most well-known minimalist vlogger on YouTube, and for good reason; her videos are always really well put together, and cover a wide range of topics ranging from food to fashion. I particularly enjoy Coco's travel videos - she's a true packing pro.

Hello Cathy
I love watching Cathy's channel because her fashion tastes are really similar to my own, and I find her elegant wardrobe really inspiring (her project 333 videos are awesome). Cathy has lots of great, thoughtful advice for those interested in pursuing a more minimalist lifestyle.

Melissa Alexandria
Melissa is such a cheerful, sweet person; her videos are a joy to watch. Her channel is relatively new to me, but I've already seen her cover a wide variety of topics ranging from fashion to finance.

I'm a huge fan of Jamie-Lee's blog, so of course I was delighted to find her on YouTube as well. Jamie-Lee's outfit videos are incredible - she has amazing style and her videos are really great quality.

The Daily Connoisseur
Author Jennifer L Scott uses her channel to share some of the most popular notions from her best selling series of Madame Chic books. I always find her advice to be valuable and useful, and I especially like her videos about the five piece French wardrobe.

collection I'm coveting: Christophe Lemaire S/S 2015

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These clothes, they keep me awake at night, they're just SO BEAUTIFUL. That coat in particular... man, I'd sell my soul for that coat.

considering culottes

I have been mulling over the idea of culottes a lot lately. Most probably because I've just finished reading the second instalment of the wonderful Cazalet Chronicles - Marking Time - and I'm on a major vintage fashion kick, but also because I like just about anything midi-length. 

As you've probably gathered, I'm not a particularly trend-driven dresser. But, culottes are undeniably having a moment right now (evidenced here, here, here and here) and I can totally see why; it seems they look chic on just about everyone - the perfect balance between swishy skirty goodness and trouser-legged freedom. However, I hadn't happened upon a pair I thought I could pull off / integrate into my wardrobe, until now.

Enter these smashing chambray culottes from impossibly cool (new to me, but the love is growing fast) French brand, Somewhere. I'm praying that these will look as good on me as they do in my head, because in theory they are a perfect addition to my wardrobe. They may just strike the perfect balance between smart and casual (which I am constantly striving for, see previous 1000 posts on this subject) - we shall see. 

The weather here has gotten pretty lousy and I'm already turning my mind to transitional dressing. We get so little sunshine here that we've become experts at stretching summer clothing into the cooler months. A jumper here, a scarf there. Layering is the key, my friends! If the culottes are a keeper I'm sure they'll make a great piece for Autumn. 

Have you succumbed to the culottes trend? Any advice on how to style them?

p.s. I happened upon the aforementioned culottes whilst searching for a cheaper alternative to this skirt - alas, no cigar. Could any eagle eyed readers point me in the right direction? 

collection I'm coveting: Apiece Apart Spring 2015

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I continually return to Apiece Apart's website, fishing for style inspiration. This collection is my favourite; the colours and fabrics are right up my street. I like a looser silhouette these days yet don't want to feel swamped or sloppy - these outfits get the balance just right. 

style inspiration: Tina Chow

This week I've been thinking a lot about the style of Tina Chow; a model, jewellery designer, and campaigner most famous during the 1970s and early 80s. Throughout her career she was muse to Andy Warhol, Yves Saint Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld and Issey Miyake. 
“Tina had an innate elegance and never needed any designer to do anything for her. In fact, she did a lot for us.” - Giorgio Armani
Despite her success as model and designer (not to mention her very public life and, sadly, death) very little about Chow seems to have survived. I have scoured and scoured the internet searching for photos/designs/articles, yet have been turning up the same small set of low-res images for the last four years. This seems astonishing now - in an age of aggressively invasive paparazzi and insta-obsession - but perhaps it's partly this minimal record that makes her style seem so appealing. 

I first read about Tina Chow on les anti-modernes* (way back in 2011, time flies!) and Sophie's commentary bears repeating; Chow's style was feminine and strong, bold yet subtle - a carefully considered selection of timeless basics which looks as good now as it did 30 years ago, and will still look good 30 years from now.

She nailed the androgynous look with short, neat hair and simple make-up (often none at all but she rocked a red lip) - a bold contrast to the big, loud styles most associated with that era. Reportedly, Chow wore a 'uniform' consisting of a white t-shirt, black slacks, a grey cardigan and flat pumps; an idea that is so prevalent today, especially after this article swept the web.
“Femininity has nothing to do with wearing ruffles. You can show your femininity regardless of what you wear. Your attitude will show it. Femininity and feminism go hand and hand.”  - Tina Chow
Although it's true that she was both way ahead of her time and a trend-setter, the fact is that this look will never really be out of fashion. There's something so comforting about that.

Chow pioneered the use of rock crystal in fine jewellery; strikingly combined with bamboo, leather, silk cord and precious metals. The influence affected by her designs is recognisable in many contemporary pieces, both high-end and high-street.
“I like the idea of wearing very personal jewellery and not much decoration.” - Tina Chow
I'm reminded of the stacks of crystal bead bracelets I wore as a teenager (my favourites were rose quartz, hematite and jade). I've always really liked natural stone jewellery because it's so simple, versatile and easy to wear - a great complement to a minimal closet. 

I will be doing my best to emulate her cool vibes this week! It's always good to have some inspiration on a Monday :)

May Favourites

I've been reading and listening to tons of books this year. Rediscovering audio books has been a revelation; I can listen while at the gym, cleaning, doing the laundry and on evenings when I'm too sleepy to keep my eyes open... it's great! I no longer feel grumpy about having no time to read, and the daily deals on Audible have introduced me to some fun new authors and genres that I wouldn't have encountered otherwise.

Here's what I've been enjoying this week:

Yes Please, by Amy Poehler 
This is a book to make you feel brave. It is so funny, smart and charming. Amy gives the best advice and tells wonderful, hilarious stories. The production of the audio book is incredible (Patrick Stewart! Kathleen Turner!), you can really see the love and energy that went into it. I listened to this during early morning gym sessions and it made me laugh and cry. It also made me feel happy and courageous, and ready to face the day like a boss.

Intelligent Life 
It was the cover of this magazine that drew me in initially, but - like Audrey - it's so much more than a pretty face. The content is varied and well edited; a selection of critical thought, current affairs and the arts. (I've never read The Economist so can't comment on how it compares.)

Station Eleven, by Emily St John Mandel
My new favourite website and news source, The Pool, ran a great article about this book. As a die-hard science fiction fan and someone who is morbidly obsessed with the apocalypse, I was instantly intrigued. I was hooked from the very first page (the opening chapter is incredible) and have been jumping into bed early every night to read it.

What books/audio books/magazines have you been enjoying recently? I'd love some recommendations! :)


  • I'm using Pinterest to record all books I'm reading and listening to and all films I'm watching this year.
  • I'd forgotten how convenient e-readers are - I've certainly re'kindle'd (ha ha) my liking for them. 

collection I'm coveting: Samuji A/W 2015

5 awesome artists to follow on Instagram

Contrary to what this blog may have you believe, I don't use the internet exclusively as a tool for scouring online shops and creating sets on Polyvore. I also spend time browsing the Netflix catalogue, aimlessly scrolling through Tumblr, burning with Instagram envy, reading fanfiction and getting mad about the comments on YouTube videos. Occasionally whilst undertaking one of these pointless tasks I will stumble upon something which makes the entire exercise feel worthwhile - namely discovering interesting, important and/or beautiful things.

Lately, the internet has introduced me to some wonderful artists whose work I can't stop looking at. So - because sometimes we all need some justification for our online procrastination - I thought I'd share:

Pip Spiro / @pipspiro

Karina Bania / @karinabania

Belinda Evans / @iamalchemy

 Bobbie Burgers / @bobbieburgers

 Melody Hillman / @melodyhillmanceramics

I'm certainly no great art critic or connoisseur (my art education ended with the culmination of A Level study) but I do enjoy seeing these beautiful pieces of work pop up in my feed from time to time. Do you follow any awesome artists/crafters/creators on Instagram? If so, I'd love to hear about them! :)

P.S. Already compiling part two...

P.P.S. Alliteration! Yeah! 

beautiful basics: Shinola

I have this thing for orange leather, especially orange pebbled leather paired with silver hardware (thanks for the high expectations, Hermés). Save for the odd Ebay gem, this combination is difficult to come by at a mid-priced or high-street level. Most leather goods I see which don't cost upwards of £500 (and many that do) have gold or brass toned metal; I don't mind it, but it's not my favourite. I was surprised then, to spot this lovely selection by Shinola - more orange and silver than I could shake a stick at. Not cheap by any standard, but not out of reach, either.

I'm a little scared to add something so expensive to my - ever growing and frequently frustrating - wishlist, but if I can commit myself to Project 333 and the savings it will hopefully generate, then maybe I can foresee a future in which my wrist is adorned by one of these handsome double straps :-)