Red = bought & returnedYellow = replenishment / replacement

  • The Body Book (by Cameron Diaz)
  • Oh Comely magazine, back issue (October 2013)
  • Tracksuit bottoms, H&M
  • Navy gingham shirt, Matalan (men's) 
  • Corduroy skinny jeans x2 (black and charcoal), Matalan
  • Notepaper and diary pages for Filofax
  • Sneakers (black & white canvas hi tops), Primark
  • Running vest and bra, Primark
  • Navy & silver maxi dress, Topshop
  • Silver sandals, East
  • Yardley perfume (English Lavender)
  • Burt's Bees beeswax lipbalm
  • Sennheiser headphones
  • Long camel coat from Ebay
  • Navy mac, French Connection
  • Dog brooch, Cath Kidston
  • The Spy Who Loved Me, Ian Fleming
  • Plain short sleeved cotton t-shirts x2 (grey marl and black), Uniqlo
  • Blue chambray shirt, Uniqlo
  • Jersey midi dress in navy, Asos
  • Grey cashmere cardigan, Uniqlo 
  • Blue velvet midi dress, H&M
  • Porter magazine 
  • Wonderland magazine
  • Earlobe reconstruction

Oh dear, we're nearly a week into March already, and I'm late with my first bi-monthly shopping review of 2014 (no surprises there).

I always seem to accumulate a lot of things in January and February, I guess due to the new year sales. I couldn't resist the corduroy jeans (£3 each) and navy gingham shirt (£2) from the Matalan sale, and I was delighted when I found the French Connection mac at less than £100 it's original price (a good replacement for the navy mac I sold last year, which didn't fit quite right). I also - finally - bought a grey cashmere cardigan and a chambray shirt from Uniqlo, It feels good to cross them off of 'the list' as they've been there for so long.

I replaced quite a few of my basics over the last two months, as seen highlighted in yellow. I count something as a 'replenishment/replacement' item only when I'm observing the one in, one out rule; either getting rid of the older item once I've bought the new one, or because I'm filling a hole left by something I parted with earlier (otherwise I just end up with an unnecessary  mass of similar basics).

Ahh, on to those pesky items highlighted in red. I had a bit of a fiasco trying to find a dress for my cousin's wedding. The first one (from Topshop) ended up with a broken zip and had to be returned, but fortunately I found a 20s style blue velvet midi dress in H&M which I love even more. I guess everything happens for a reason... Other mistakes include the long camel coat from Ebay, which was bought and returned as it arrived in horrendous condition (I've been put off Ebay shopping for a while), and the H&M tracksuit bottoms which have pilled like crazy after about two washes. I must stick to my 'no polyester' rule more stringently!

My biggest expenditure - and by far the best thing I did this month - was on earlobe reconstruction surgery. I only had it done last week so I can't be 100% sure of the results yet (not until I take the stitches out) but early signs look good. I feel happier and more confident already. Hooray!

I bought and read a few books and magazines. The best was The Body Book by Cameron Diaz, which I thoroughly enjoyed and wholeheartedly recommend. I like the new Porter magazine and may buy it again, even though I'm trying to wean myself off of monthlies (I'm leaning more towards quarterlies like Kinfolk and The Gentlewoman).


Not necessarily all things that I'll buy, but things I want to look at/try on/think about. I'm quite excited about the next few months (fashion-wise, anyway) because hopefully Spring will come and I'll be able to start leaving my big coat at home!

Did you many any good sales purchases over the last few months? What's on your list for Spring? 


  1. Congratulations on the ear lobe surgery! The fossil bag looks very good, especially since its zipper extends down to the sides, making it easier to get in and out of.

    1. Thank you! I'm so relieved to have finally done something about it :)

      Yes the zippers on the Sydney satchel is one of the features which really attracted me to me - unusual and useful, very good combo!

  2. You have the Sydney satchel now, don't you? How is it performing? And good luck on your jeans search! I love my new Ultra Stretch (can't wait to wear them to work on Fridays.)

    1. I do! It was the first thing I bought with my pay cheque at the end of February (I wrote this post before I bought it but by the time I published I had it already, lol). It's so so nice, I'm very glad I bought it. I took it around London with me last weekend and it really is the perfect shape and size for me, and the combination of both top handles and a long shoulder strap is just my favourite thing ever :)

      Can't wait to get myself a pair of ultra-stretch - I wear jeans or cords nearly every single day (to work and at home) so I really need to expand my collection a bit!

  3. Well I have to say, if I put a list together like this - it would probably be about 80% red items. Even the things I bought which I genuinely fell in love with when I bought them, some have had to be returned. I summarised my returns just recently but there have been more returns since. Like three pairs of shoes in the last month - all of which turned out to be big - how unlucky am I?

    And I have to say, I'm gutted for missing out on the French Connection mac. I really should have been more on the case with that one. I saw it and popped it in the basket and went to sleep. In the morning - gone. Ah well. But at least you got one and you seem to be enjoying it and getting your wear out of it.

    1. That is quite a few returns, Sue, and I thought I was bad! I think bringing things home is a good way of shopping, though - sometimes the nice fitting room mirrors fool me into thinking something looks amazing and then I get it home and it's WHAT WAS I THINKING?! It's online returns which are a pain in the arse, I never trust the postal service to get them back safe.

      What size is it you were looking for in the French Connection mac? I'll keep an eye out because sometimes returns or old sale stock crops up in the one near me. I hadn't even spotted it online tbh, it truly was a serendipitous - eyes meeting across the room - occasion. I'm really pleased with it, very good shape and quality (although I've just realised one of the buttons has gotten a bit loose). I've had a few good coats from French Connection sale over the years.

    2. Ah if you see one - I was after a 10. But only at the good price we both spotted it at :o) Thanks Fen. Hope you enjoyed Ms Beyonce!


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